90-94 LS / 89-94 CELSIOR Extended Front LCAs

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2pc LS / Celsior extended front lower control arms

  • 2x HLSS front lower control arm
  • Street and track proven quality
  • Professionally welded

These are factory front lower control arms that have been properly extended. This allows for more negative front camber and also helps wheel clearance on high steering angle applications. We also sell various length extended outer tie rods so you can simply bolt these on and go! These will add negative camber and additional wheel poke! Will require a longer tie rod, inner OR outer. This is a great option for getting the right stance you are looking for or perfect for pairing with our high angle kit to achieve maximum wheel clearance at lock! 

1" - This length is good for drifting, but not such aggressive front camber.

1.5" - This length is optimal for drifting. 

2" - This length is best for stance applications.

The chart below shows what is needed when combining LCAs with our Hot Strike High Angle ball joints/outer tie rods. If purchased together we will match the outer tie rod length with the option that you select on the LCAs.

  • HLSS high angle lower ball joints only - 0.75” extended outers
  • HLSS 1” extended LCAs only - 1” extended outers
  • HLSS 1.5” extended LCAs only - 1.5” extended outers
  • HLSS 2” extended LCAs only - 2” extended outers
  • HLSS 1” extended LCA w/ high angle ball joints - 1.5” extended outers
  • HLSS 1.5” extended LCA w/ high angle ball joints - 2” extended outers
  • HLSS 2” extended LCA w/ high angle ball joints - 2.5” extended outers

*If you do not purchase new arms and chose to send your arms in to be extended, we must receive USABLE OEM LCAs to perform the service. We will not use the cheapest aftermarket new arms you can find on the internet. Our NEW option is aftermarket LCAs we have used for years and trust to perform well.  

*Shipping on cores is the buyers responsibility to pay. *Usable condition is up to our discretion! So please, before shipping them, if you have any questions regarding condition feel free to contact us with some pictures or information.

**FLCAs only! Ball joints and tie rods not included!**


Please ship cores to:
Heat Lightning Speed Shop
2305 Danbury Lane
Suite C.
Gainesville, Ga. 30507