90-94 LS / 89-94 CELSIOR Extended Outer Tie Rods

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2pc LS / Celsior extended outer tie rods

  • 2x HLSS extended outer tie rods
  • Made to order
  • Street and track proven quality
  • Professionally welded

These are new outer tie rod ends that have been properly extended. These are a must when running extended LCAs or modified lower ball joints to have the proper length tie rod and correct your toe alignment. 

PICTURES SHOW MORE THAN JUST THE TIE RODS. All that is included in this listing is a pair of outer tie rod ends!

*When ordering please select proper length!!! Listed below is some info to help with your choice! It is your responsibility to make sure you order the correct length! Any other front end modifications may require different lengths. Call or message us if you are unsure! 

  • HLSS high angle lower ball joints only - 0.75” extended outers
  • HLSS 1” extended LCAs only - 1” extended outers
  • HLSS 2” extended LCAs only - 2” extended outers
  • HLSS 1” extended LCA w/ high angle ball joints - 1.5” extended outers
  • HLSS 2” extended LCA w/ high angle ball joints - 2.5” extended outers

**Tie rods only! FLCAs and ball joints not included!**

 These parts are made to order! Please expect a lead time of 1 week before being shipped.