92-00 SC / 91-00 Soarer Hot Strike High Angle Drift Knuckles

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2pc SC / Soarer Hot Strike high angle drift knuckles

  • 2x HLSS Hot Strike high angle drift knuckle
  • Made to order
  • Street and track proven quality
  • Professionally welded

The HLSS Drift knuckles will allow you to have more steering angle in your SC300/400 or Soarer. Our knuckles have been tested and proven both on and off the track. They are professionally cut and welded in-house by our team of certified welders. The drop tie-rod location moves the tie rod down and more parallel with the control arm, which will allow for not only more steering angle, but also less bump steer and improved steering response.

You can send us your cores first and we will perform the service and then send them back to you modified and painted. However, we know that some of you daily your cars and cannot afford to have the car unusable for extended periods of time. For this reason, we offer these knuckles with a refundable core charge, so you can remove your factory knuckles and install the HLSS knuckles all at the same time. Please understand that we do not have a large stock of these factory knuckles, and we rely on our awesome customers to send in usable cores so that we can provide this service to the community.

The cores must be in good, usable condition to receive the refund. If you have any questions about the condition of your knuckles, please call or text us with some pictures first. Buyer pays shipping on cores to and from HLSS. 

Cores can be sent to:

Heat Lightning Speed Shop

2305 Danbury Lane Suite D

Gainesville, Ga. 30507