95-00 LS Handbrake Conversion Bracket

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We are now offering a bolt in handbrake conversion bracket to use an SC300/400 handbrake in a UCF20 LS400!!

This kit includes the bracket, which require zero cutting or welding, as well as all necessary hardware and installation instructions! Simply unbolt the existing foot brake and cable and use our bracket to bolt in a Lexus SC handbrake.

*This is for LHD vehicles only*

This kit was designed around a factory transmission tunnel! HLSS is not responsible for fitment issues if you have hammered the transmission tunnel out to where it interferes with fitment. If you have had to modify the tunnel in any way, such as hammering for clearance, it could affect the location of the mounting holes and may require some modification to the bracket. In many cases, you may be able to open up the holes enough to re-align the bracket. Please message or call us first if you have any questions!

To complete the installation you will need to supply;

  • SC Handbrake
  • Leather handbrake boot (optional)
  • Front half of SC cable (handbrake to cable connector)


This bracket is used for the purpose of converting a foot parking brake to a hand parking brake. HLSS does not, by any means, guarantee the ability of this parking brake modification to hold your car stationary while stopped or to lock up the rear wheels in any sort of manor. This is for off-road use only and Heat Lightning Speed Shop is not liable for any damages that may result from improper installation and/or the use of this item! Professional installation is recommended.