96-01 JZX100 Chaser / Mark II / Cresta Hot Strike high-angle ball joints

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2pc Chaser / Mark II / Cresta Hot Strike high angle ball joints

  • 2x HLSS Hot Strike high angle ball joint
  • Street and track proven quality
  • Professionally welded

Designed for use in drifting, these ball joints for the Toyota X100 chassis will allow for quicker steering and increased angle. The HLSS Hot Strike High Angle ball joints have shown roughly a 23% increase over stock angle on the X100 chassis. We run these on all of the Heat Lightning team drift cars and have been making these knuckles for years! They have plenty of track tested time to ensure durability.

This is a direct bolt on kit, no cutting or drilling is required. Included in this kit is a set of new front lower ball joints that have been professionally welded on a jig to ensure proper fit. We use high quality brand new ball joints, and modifying them does not affect the time span of wear. However, altering the suspension of any vehicle will add more stress on moving components in the system. Ball joints are a wear item and they will not last forever! We offer no warranty on life span of ball joints.  

To run these ball joints you will also need to use a longer tie rod! For maximum angle, it is recommended to pair these knuckles with our extended outer tie rods and extended lower control arms. We have seen upwards of a 35% increase over stock angle with our setups! We offer various lengths of LCA/outer tie rod combos for different applications. Check the chart below for reference. If you are interested in extended LCAs, please check the listing for your chassis and chose the length that would best fit your application. 

  • HLSS high angle lower ball joints only - 0.75” extended outers
  • HLSS 1” extended LCAs only - 1” extended outers
  • HLSS 1.5” extended LCAs only - 1.5” extended outers
  • HLSS 2” extended LCAs only - 2” extended outers
  • HLSS 1” extended LCA w/ high angle ball joints - 1.5” extended outers
  • HLSS 1.5” extended LCA w/ high angle ball joints - 2” extended outers
  • HLSS 2” extended LCA w/ high angle ball joints - 2.5” extended outers

Please note, installing these knuckles on your car may require you to adjust your current suspension setup and your car will need a professional wheel alignment after installation. Wheel and tire clearances may be affected also, and professional installation is suggested.

**Ball joints only! FLCAs and tie rods not included!**