98-05 GS / 97-05 Aristo Rear bash bar

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The Heat Lightning Speed Shop 2GS rear bash bar is designed to fit inside the stock Lexus bumper, and bolts directly to the car where the factory crash bar mounts. These fit factory rear bumpers and have been tested with aftermarket bumpers as well. However, we can only guarantee fitment behind a factory bumper as aftermarket bumpers may vary in size and shape! Made using 1.5” x .095 DOM tubing, the HLSS bash bars are hand made on a jig and are based off of a 2GS chassis with no frame damage! Fitment is not guaranteed, and if your car has had any kind of rear end damage some modification may be required.


We offer these bash bars with or with out a jack point! The jack point clears the stock bumper, and is low enough to clear BN aero and most any lip kit or other aero bumpers. If you wish to run it with a stock bumper and don’t want it to hang lower than the bumper, simply cut it to the desired length.

Products will be shipped raw and unpainted to allow your choice of paint or powder coat. This item is built to order. Please expect lead times of 1 week before being shipped!