FR-S/BRZ CD00x Transmission Crossmember

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This mount kit is designed to fit a Nissan CD00x transmission into the FR-S/BRZ chassis. The kit was designed and built in house here at Heat Lightning Speed Shop as a solution for a stronger transmission when planning to make more power in your FR-S/BRZ. We designed this kit around the K24/CD00x combo, however, due to the kit being "weld-in" it will accommodate different engine options.

This is a weld-in mount kit! The stock FR-S/BRZ transmission mounts must be removed in order to fit the larger CD00x. The outer parts of the mount will need to be welded in to the transmission tunnel. When paired with the SerialNine shifter for the CD00x, the shifter lines up properly in the stock location as shown in the photos. 

Our goal is to offer a complete "off the shelf" solution for the K24/CD00x swap. Including motor mounts, transmission crossmember, hoses, lines, hardware and everything else needed to do this swap. For now though, we are only offering this kit in individual pieces. We will be adding products to the site as they come available so make sure to check back periodically to check out what's new, or follow us HERE on instagram for more updates!