Radium Engineering 2JZ-GTE Fuel Rail

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Radium Engineering 2JZ-GTE top feed conversion fuel rail 

Compatible with all Toyota 2JZ-GTE engines (VVTi and non-VVTi)

The Radium fuel rail converts the OEM side feed fuel injector setup to top feed, allowing the use of high flow fuel injectors (NOT INCLUDED). The kit includes 2 different sets of mounting feet allowing various height fuel injectors to be used.

The fuel injector bores and the included press-fit injector seats are designed for 14mm injector O-rings. These seats include O-rings to prevent boost pressure leaks. They are CNC machined billet aluminum, anodized, and laser etched. Below are some of the many fuel injectors that are a direct fitment with this Radium fuel rail kit.

  • Injector Dynamics ID725-48-14-14
  • Injector Dynamics ID850-48-14-14
  • Injector Dynamics ID1000-48-14-14
  • Injector Dynamics ID1050x-48-14-14
  • Injector Dynamics ID1300-48-14-14
  • Injector Dynamics ID1700-48-14-14
  • Injector Dynamics ID2000-48-14-14 
  • Evolved Injection EI550-48-14-14
  • Evolved Injection EI650-48-14-14
  • Evolved Injection EI850-48-14-14
  • Evolved Injection EI1000-48-14-14
  • Evolved Injection EI1200-48-14-14
  • Evolved Injection EI1300-48-14-14
  • Evolved Injection EI2200-48-14-14
  • Deatschwerks 17U-00-0050-6
  • Deatschwerks 17U-00-0060-6
  • Deatschwerks 17U-00-0072-6
  • Deatschwerks 17U-00-0095-6 
  • Deatschwerks 16S-12-2200-6 


20-0215 Toyota 2JZ-GTE Fuel Rail: 
-Black Anodized Laser Etched Aluminum Fuel Rail 
-Black Anodized Aluminum Mounting Feet, Tall and Short
-Stainless Steel Mounting Feet Bolts (x4)
-20-0216-06 Toyota Injector Seat Kit, 6 Cylinder 

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